Peter Coppola

Peter Coppola Clarifying Shampoo - Gentle Deep Cleansing Shampoo for Daily Use, After Swimming Pool (33.8 OZ) Removes Chlorine, Removes Oil, Excess Product.

$54.25 $60
  • Gentle Deep Cleansing Shampoo: This formula is a high effective clarifying shampoo with a pH of 8. It is gentle enough to use daily but strong enough to remove the toughest product or environmental buildup.
  • Reduce Oily Scalp And Hair: Use this product to immediately remove excessive oil from the hair and scalp. If you have excessive natural oil production a good clarifying shampoo is a must.
  • Remove Oil Based Hair Products And Hairspray: This shampoo will break down any hard gel gel or oil based product. If you use hard hold hair spray or spray volume products this clarifier will remove those products as well safely and easily.
  • Great For Use After Swimming: This product ideal for use after swimming in a pool with Chlorine. If you are frequently in a chlorinated pool the damaging effects to your hair, hair color and the smell can be very high. Use this shampoo after every swim.
  • Excellent For Fitness Lifestyle: If you go to the gym daily and need to remove sweat and odor keep thing product in your gym bag or at home for a quick and refreshing clean.

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