DevaCurl Mist-er Right Dream Curl Refresher - 12 oz

$15.09 $23.26

If you're looking for a quick revitalizing styler that'll make your curls look fresh (even when they're not), add DevaCurl Mist-er Right to your routine! This lavender oil-infused formula is the perfect secret weapon when you’re in no mood to get your hair wet. A hydrating spray, this styler brings curls back to life and refreshes the scalp and curls, saving you time in-between wash days.

How To Use: Spritz all over curls while they're dry. Tilt head forward and scrunch hair in an upward motion to boost body and re-define curls. Or, spray directly onto the scalp to refresh and soothe.

  • Refresh Scalp & Curls: Hydrating Spray Brings Curls Back To Life And Refreshes The Scalp And Curls; Saving You Time InBetween Wash Days; Quick Revitalizing Styler That'Ll Make Curls Look Fresh Even When They'Re Not
  • Quick Fix: Quickly Revitalize Scalp And Curls When You Don’T Have Time To Wash And Dry; Lavender OilInfused Formula Is The Perfect Secret Weapon When You’Re In No Mood To Get Your Hair Wet
  • Beautiful Scent: Crisp; Floral Scent Of Lavender Is Soothing And Calming
  • Easy To Use: Spritz All Over Curls While They'Re Dry; Tilt Head Forward And Scrunch Hair In An Upward Motion To Boost Body And ReDefine Curls Or Spray Directly Onto The Scalp To Refresh And Soothe

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